What’s your blind-spot?

Over the past 9 months I’ve been working with a group of arts professionals on an enquiry focused on ‘diversity in the arts’… a massive subject with so many layers, view points and opinions; that’s exactly what has made it so interesting.

One of the things that has really struck a chord and got me thinking about my own practice in the arts is our ‘blind-spot’… that unfamiliar space that is never explored. Perhaps not because we don’t want to or because we’re frightened of entering unknown territory, but because we have never turned our heads far enough away from the familiar to even realise it exists.

I’m sure this is something that exists for each and every one of us, regardless of the sector we work in. But what is the impact to us personally and professionally? And what is the impact to the wider society? What would happen if each and every one of us turned 180 to see what we’ve been blind to for all these years?

We’ve come to a conclusion that no-one can be looking 360 degrees all the time (it’s just biologically impossible right?) So surely the best way to overcome our ‘blind-spots’ is through collaboration. Collaboration with those you wouldn’t ordinarily work with or even speak to. I wonder what this would look like and what the outcome may be.

What’s your blind-spot?

*Featured Image: A captivating piece of street art at Birmingham Custard Factory*

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