Face the Fear

Face the fear… This is something that I have been doing much more of over the past 12 months. I realised that in order to grow personally and professionally I had to stop holding myself back.

A session on limiting beliefs was a major eye opener for me to understand why I ‘think’ I can’t do things.  The truth is that this came down to my own insecurities and fears, and I’m not alone. We all have things that we think we can’t do or won’t be ready for but we will never be ready until we start putting ourselves out there.

So what has this meant for me?

In the past year I’ve taken myself completely out of my comfort zone… many times! I’ve positioned myself within networks and working groups with people far more experienced than myself. I’ve applied for training that felt way over my head. I’ve reached out to people I never thought would reply.

The result… I’ve learnt from some of the most experienced people in the sector. I’ve been one of a handful of people to receive training as a cultural leader for the arts. I’ve been asked to join the board of an arts organisation. I’ve had conversations with inspirational people.

What I’ve learnt is when something feels scary I should probably do it! How could facing fear help you to develop?

*Featured Image: Meridan Street Art, Birmingham*

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