Don’t Ask; Don’t Get

I have been amazed at the generosity of leaders in the sector. Having reached out to a number of individuals I’ve been able to learn more from an hour speaking with them, than days of reading leadership books or researching online. What has this taught me?

Don’t be afraid to ask. Before now, I never would have considered approaching leaders for a chat. What could I possibly speak to them about? Why would they want to waste an hour of their time on me? How would I speak to them? What I learnt is that in most cases those who have become strong leaders are really keen to share their knowledge and experience with those of us just getting started.

The questions above are all manifestations of my imposter syndrome and insecurities as an individual working in a sector where I often feel ‘different’ (for a variety of reasons; age, ethnicity, education and year’s in the arts being just some.)

Once my mentor helped me to understand what imposter syndrome was I was able to push completely beyond this and be comfortable with who I am in the sector. No longer using an organisation as a comfort blanket. Introducing myself as me. Tara. A Producer, a Facilitator, a Researcher… or whatever hat I’m wearing that particular day!

*Featured Image: Taken as I was walking the dog, thinking about how I’ve been overcoming imposter syndrome!*

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