Why representation on screen and stage really matters.

The other day I was at a festival attending a Q&A session for a theatre performance that had been presented by a South African company by black female actors. I sat and listened to the questions being asked by a group of predominantly white women, and in doing so was reminded just how important better… Continue reading Why representation on screen and stage really matters.


What happens when you take theatre out of the theatre?

Today I watched a piece of theatre in a community centre space. It was so exciting for me to see such a high quality piece of work with full set and top-class performers, taking place in an every day space, full of families and children. It made me think how often we see work of… Continue reading What happens when you take theatre out of the theatre?

The importance & problem of language

There’s no denying that language plays a massive role in our day to day communications, but what problems can language cause when it comes to tackling more difficult subjects with a wider group? I have spent the last 5 or so years entering in to discussions about race, identity, privilege and, more recently, unconscious bias.… Continue reading The importance & problem of language